Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And now that my camera is charged, I give you my latest masterpiece...s
I present a portion of "Outdoor Collection".

                                                                     "Spin me"
                                                                    "Finally up"
                                                                     "From a seedling"
                                                                 "Color on the ground"
                                                                   "Down with the roots"
                                                           "In the eye of the beholder"
                                                "The address of her behind the camera"
                                                                "A rose"
                                                             "A tilted reality"
                                                                   "The beauty nesting"
                                                                     "A better look"
                                                      "The camera focuses on beaty"
                                                   "Below where wind can hurt you"

This is only a portion of my "Outside Collection", once I publish the rest of it I will then publish the "Inside Collection". I hope you like them!

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