Friday, June 1, 2012

   FIRST off I want to say how totally ROCKIN FANTASTIC it is to have MY OWN blog. Special thanks to Emilie Miller for showing this gal how to make a blog. If you haven't already, check out her blog
      The EOTYG is going on, and its not like it isn't totally AWSOME to see all of my Veritas besties (Dolly Millen, Emilie Miller, Chloe Owens, Katlyn Smith etc.) but honestly, its not like the week is competely  fulled with rainbows and happiness. I got like, five hours of sleep the other night, my hair is filled with salt from the pool, and I got an alergic reaction this morning (idk what from) and my face had to put up with a rash the whole day and my mouth lazily burnt itslef.
       But it was TOTALLY worth it to see my besties, see my dad in a gown and oh (can't forget) push Justin Abens into the pool. Of course, Aidia Rodriguez pushed ME into the pool, but only because I was a wimp and wouldn't jump in.....Pictures to come(never been quite the photographer, but I know how to push a button every now and then)


  1. I love your blog, Sarah! I can't wait to hear more about the EOTYG. Wish I was there! I miss you tons!

    Much love,
    Ryan Murphy

  2. Cool blog!! (: Just in case you use the link to my blog this one should work a little better- the web address is weird like that.