Monday, June 4, 2012

Yesterday We said our goodbyes, sniff sniff, at the last day of EOTYG. Lots of people cried, I wish I could say I did, that would be a lie, but it was still sad.
I didn't go to some of the events this year but here are the ones I did go to:
Game night
Diploma lunch
Dinner Dance
Teacher lunch(only because I had to help out)
Hershey park(woot woot!!)
Detwiler Dinner
And (sniff sniff) The farewell picnic.
Other events included:

Day in the park
Graduation ceremony
Canoeing trip

And lemme tell you, it TOTALLY ROCKED. I hope I see everyone again next year. (Hopefully some of the cool people whoo graduated will crash it)

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