Monday, July 16, 2012

Mid summer craze

You saw the title. As my dad arrives home from Greece Friday afternoon I leave for a camping trip with church friends (had an awsome time, pics to come) that morning(total of 12 days without seeing my dad) Isaac leaves at 4:00 a.m. this morning to the airport for a two week trip in South Carolina to see some Veritas friends.
Oh dear.
Summer of....adventure  ?
I guess so. 
Lets start with Greece, shall we? Business trip to record my dad teaching Omnibus where it actually happened. 8 days in Greece, 2 days in Crete (a large island off of Greece). On to the camping trip. Friday to Sunday at a small campsite about an hour away. I had so much fun! Ofcourse my bike tire popped on the way there so I used someone else's... I have alot of pictures and I can't wait to post them.
On to South Carolina. By now he has been on the plane for 4 hours. He should me landing soon. He's visiting his friend Danny Zerate (Veritas family).
Hopefully those pictures will be up soon!
Till next post,
Your blogger,
Sarah Etter

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