Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Logging on to blissfromtheheart.blogsot.com. What? Still no blog post?
Yes, yes, yes. And I do apoligize. And I do have a few excuses up my sleeve.
1. Broken computer.
2. Busy-ness.(I think I made up that word)
Thats all I got.

My last post, "Midsummer craze" I believe I called. Well, it is no longer midsummer. Yes, I put this off till "Day of school starting" eve. School starts tomorow if you didn't get that from my Holiday naming. To tell you the truth, I am super excited.
 I have my mom as an online teacher, that's going to be cool. I guess I'm just excited to get back into the system that I know and love.
Tomorow I have oriention for a few classes, practice at my little "Strictly Strings" string quintet I go to, church choir, and yes...school. We all thought that summer would last forever. Well it didn't.
But let us scroll through a few "summer memory" photos, shall we?

                                                                    "To compete"
                                                                    "Smile like the sun"                                       


                                                                       "Eden doo-drops"
                                                                  "Picture perfect"
                                                            "Sleeping beauty"
                                                                   "Yellow 'n' pink"
                                                                  "Cave troll"
                                                                     "The last flower"

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