Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hey guys! It's me again! I've been taking some pictures of my pets for you guys. Enjoy!

                                                  This is my puppy, Milo. Well, he isn't really a puppy, he is four years old. He is a Yorkshire/Bichon mix. He loves to cuddle and play. He is very fluffly and loves to run and jump. We got him on Christmas one year, but he wasn't a Christmas present, just random. My dad said "If you can find a dog that is hyper-allergetic, stays small and doesn't shed, than you can get him." He thought we never would but we finally did about three Christmas's ago. Although I love my other pets, he will probably always a special place in my heart because he was the first pet we got after Rusty (our old dog who had to be put down). He is specail because he started a "new era" of pets. Eventually, my dad became best friends with him. Milo went EVERYWHERE with him. But, when my dad went to Greece this summer on a business trip, he got serperation anxiety (we found out from a veteranarian after  a while) and attachted himself to my mom. Now he is even more attachted to her than she was to him. If my mom is at her desk, he is at her feet or on her bed, is she is taking a shower he is laying on the bathroom floor!:) He still loves dad though, like if my mom has to go to the bathroom he will jump up on my dad's lap, then the bathroom door opens, and daddy goes "Oh! Mommys out!" And he RUNS to her. Haha! Anyway, we LOVE Milo.
                                                                   This is my new puppy, Willow. She is a pure bred golden retriever who is about a year and half old. We have owned her for about a month or so. She went to obiedience school, so she knows some tricks. She sheds A TON. We weren't used to sheding because Milo doesn't shed. Golden retreivers shed alot, but this girl used to be an out door dog, so she had extra hair to keep her warm, now that she is an indoor dog, she has to shed all of that extra hair, plus the hair she usually sheds. She loves to play, and she adores attention. She loves fetch and so far she loves our other pets. She has a "strange" relationship with the kitty. She is FASCINATED with her, but the kitty thinks its a threat ect., ect., ect. We are loving her SO much so far!
                                                                This is my kitty Cleo.  Her full name is Cleopatra, and she is SUCH a princess. I couldn't get a good pic of her because she wouldn't really stay still. She is 3 years old on August 26, three days after mine. Funny story, we randomly got her at Pet Smart, four days after MY birthday, one day after HERS. So we got her on the 27. And we have had her for about a year and 5 months. She is quite prissy. She always jumps on my lap when I am reading and sits right in front of the book so that I can't see it. Her and Milo are funny together, they are like FRENEMIES. Her and Willow are still getting used to each other. Whenever Willow stares her down she gives a "I don't care about you" look and starts licking herself. She is my cat, but she also really likes my dad, but she always sleeps with me. She's me little kitty!

                                                        This is my brothers Turtle, Torpido is his name. Zach (my brother) got him for Christmas 2012. Personally, I think he is...ugly. He is a snapper turtle. Zach happens to LOVE turtles, he reads ALL about them and knows all of these facts. So, I'm glad he's happy for Zach. SO I guess I don't have that much to say about Torpido....

So these are all my pets! Did you realize this?: Milo, Willow, Cleo, and Torpido, they all ACCIDENTLY end in "o". Milo we named on our own, Willow was already named, as was Cleo, and Zach has been dreaming of having a turtle named Torpido his whole life so....yeah. I hope you like my pets as much as I do!

Your blogger,
Sarah Elizabeth Etter

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