Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hey bloggers! I'm back again, and I redesigned my blog! I hope you like it because I do.:)
So some sad news. My kitty who I blogged about a little bit ago we had to find a new home for:( She wasn't very happy here due to new dog Willow, but now she lives with no kids, no other pets, and alot more quiet: just how she likes it.
Also! I am a member at the Lancaster Academy for the Performing Arts, and are putting on our spring musical! Some of you have probaly heard of The King and I, which is a funny story about a widowed english school teacher and her son who sail across the seas to a small country, Siam (now Thailand) to be the tutor of the 106 royal children. She teaches the king about God and how slavery is wrong and it is a HILARIOUS show.
 I play a royal child, and as of next week I will have black hair for a little bit:) A couple of my brothers are in it too. The show will be one of the biggest The Academy has ever done. The set is amazing and get this: with our cast of about 50 people we will have sewn and rented about 400 costumes! About everyone is dying their hair and foundationing their skin to look Siamese. I know that due to Veritas none of you live here in PA, but I wish you could see it! I will be posting pictures of tech week (the week before show time that we go about 7 hours aday in rehearsal). I am super excited to put on this show. It is my 9th show with the Academy, and by now these people are like family.:)
SO these pics I am posting were supposed be snow pics....but the forecasters were wrong. Our 8-10 inches of snow turned into...well, maybe one little snowflake? Yep. But I still decided to go outside and take some pics of my yard and stuff:) It was pretty cold but much warmer than usual. It was just too beautiful a day that our Lord created to not take pictures:) Hope you enjoy!

                                                                   Me and my hat:)
                                                                   Forever Evergreen
                                                           Once in bloom, now in bare.
                                                               my signature. PEACE

I would have more but my iPod ran out of battery:) Hope you enjoyed.
Your blogger,

Sarah E. Etter..........

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