Saturday, March 9, 2013

The usual!

Hey! Just the daily post!
Today is sunny and warm in Lancaster, PA, and the amish are already out starting their elaborite gardens. I would take some pics for you but my iPod is broken:(
It's pretty busy here in the Etter house: I had ballet this morning, Zach just got home from soccer, Isaac is at the theatre setting up the lights for King and I, and me, Zach, Jack and Isaac have rehearsal for a while tonight.
I can't stop smiling because of the weather! It rarely gets warm so quickly here:) Dad says the devil is playing tricks on us, but he is just kidding:)
I am dying my hair tonight for the musical and I will DEFINITELY post a before and after picture.
SO that's pretty much all for now:) Thanks for reading!
Your blogger,
Sarah E. Etter.

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