Sunday, May 5, 2013

End of school year, here we come!

                     Bloggers!  So good news: the black is finally coming out of my hair from when I dyed it
 for "The King and I". Hopefully by the gathering it will be completely back to normal. Speaking of
musicals; we just did our last performance of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown", which was a lot of fun.
Coming up: I am super excited about this summer. I am doing a dance camp for two weeks, and there is the gathering. Speaking of which! COUNTDOWN TIME! 24 days! Can you believe it?! On the other hand...that means exams are due in 19 days...ugh! But at least we have plenty of time to study.

Today my little brother Jackson Nathaniel Etter turned 7 years old! He is growing up so fast. Today, seven years ago my mom was at the hospital and we were asleep. Not knowing that soon we would be brutally woken up. And, about seven years ago tomorrow I threatened to move into the attic since the baby was yet ANOTHER boy. :)

Speaking of birthdays. Our golden retriever, Willow, has a sister (Serena) and she had puppies! They are very cute!

Well. I had better go study for those exams:). And you should too!
So I hope you enjoyed,

Your Blogger,

Sarah Elizabeth Etter

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